Sunday, May 6, 2012

3 Ideas to Love From This White Garden Wedding

Welcome back to the week my lovelies.  Today I want to share with a you a beautiful wedding shoot from Charleston Weddings.  Isn't it just divine?  The paper flower style Oscar De La Renta dress inspired this garden party and it got me thinking that are lots of ideas we can take away from this.  

1. Keep your theme simple and easy - You don't need to go overboard with colours and styles.  It can be as simple as white fabric and flowers.  As long as its repeated over and over you'll have impact and consistency. 

2. Use fabric to soften and highlight - I love the rustic backdrop Charleston Weddings have strung between the trees - it creates a real focal point and would be super duper easy to do yourself.

3. Keep things unexpected - I love the high end furniture used here.  It's surprising, special for a garden event and the colour palate of white keeps things glam and consistent.

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